Aww. The cute couple Mitch W and Kimberly M with their daughter Addy. 

July 8 2018: Join our group on KTOX radio. We are doing a live radio show with Rob Hanson. Tune into to Ghost Stories with Rob Hanson Sunday July 8th 10:00pm-1:00am and listen to some scary fun. You can also listen to the Podcast at

Wild Mitch W.  He is the champion :)

Michael W.  Just chilling after getting his belly full. :)

Lois F. says "Are you crazy?, I'm not going in a haunted house". :)

Each of  us at KAPIS take our role in the group serious. We do however have a fun side. We have added this page for your entertainment. Enjoy!

​Smokey Bear Bryan R. making sure the fire is out.

Lois F.  and Sara B.  
​Hey y'all!!

We are a very family oriented group. Even the fur babies help go over evidence. This is our founder Bryan and our little guy Bandit. He's helping Daddy out. 

Daddy Mitch W and Addy

June 2017: The gang at our 1st annual cookout. Jefferson Memorial Forest.

Shhh!! Don't tell Mitch his girlfriend is really a zombie. Poor Kimberly has the IR light eyes :).

three men and a baby. L-R: Michael W, Bryan R, Mitch W and Addy

April 2018: We would all like to congratulate Sara B and Michael W on their new bundle of joy. Welcome to our world baby boy

The ladies of TEAM KAPIS. L-R: Sara B, Kimberly M, Lois F, and Jaylynn R.

If we don't find anything scary during an investigation, don't worry. We'll help out and provide a zombie investigator. This is our former investigator Clint. Those IR lights wreak havoc on ones eyes.

Bryan R thinks he's hidden behind the tree. Trying to get out of clean up :)

Some group members on our first investigation. Thinking we're a tough bunch. Left to right: Jaylynn, Bryan, Miguel, Lois, Clint. Update May 2016: Our first year went by very fast and fun. We lost some members and gained some. Hoping for many years to come.