These photos were captured during evidence analysis of the DVR system. The photos are of an orb captured mid frame. There appears to be a man's face in the orb. This investigation was a private residence in Pleasure Ridge Park, KY. After showing the evidence to the clients, the wife stated this looked similiar to her father. The third pic was taken during evidence reveal. The family had taken a picture and found something strange in it. We tried to recreate the picture. We got something different. Appears to be an apparition trying to form behind our investigator. We searched this area after the picture was taken. Nothing was there that could cause this to appear.

June 2017: Kasey Cemetery. Appears to be a stange mist at this headstone. Photo by Sara B.

First picture shows heat signature above client's head that appeared. Second picture shows it had started to fade once she moved. Third picture is of glowing object found in evidence after investigation. Nothing was on carpet during investigation.

June 2017: Kasey Cemetery. A real mystery to us. Possibly a woman dressed in 1800's dress? But where is her head? Photo by Sara B.

 We didn't get any evidence we could document at Kasey Cemetery (aka Hell's Gate) Elizabethtown, KY. We did however, have personal experiences and a couple of people got scratched.

June 2017: Kasey Cemetery. Another misty area around a headstone. Photo by Sara B.

June 2017:  Kasey Cemetery  Elizabethtown, KY.  Random pic around cemetery.  Nobody was in this area when picture was taken. Photo by Jaylynn R.

​These photos were captured during a private residence investigation in Pleasure Ridge Park, KY. These were taken in the client's bedroom. The first photo appears normal. The second and third appear a black mass forming out of the corner or mirror. Photos submitted my Miguel O.

These photo are orbs captured during evidence analysis of a private residence investigation in Bardstown, KY. 

June 2017: Kasey Cemetery. Unidentified swirling thing. Photo by Sara B.

 This photo was taken by one our founders (Lois F). This is the wooded area at Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY. There appears to be a transparent human form squatting on the right side of the photo. At the time the photo was taken, she claims the car window was down and she asked for someone to come talk to us. She stated she had a heavy feeling in her chest at the time.