‚ÄčAbout Us

Kentuckiana Paranormal Investigations Society (KAPIS) began in May 2015 in Louisville, KY.  The team started off with three family members dedicated to helping people experiencing what is believed to be paranormal events in their homes or business. As the months have gone by, we have lost  a few members and gained new ones. We continue to grow and think of each member as part of our family. 

We began this team because each of us has experienced events that could not be explained. We know these events can be frightening and they can leave a negative impact on a person's life both mentally and physically. We want to be there to investigate the activity, educate the client on how to find peace and not be frightened of their homes or business. We provide comfort to our clients when experiencing the unexplained. We help our clients cleanse and bless their homes or business. If we are not successful in the cleansing/blessing, we do assist our clients in finding resources that can be successful. 

We use scientific equipment to approach the situation and determine if the events are truly paranormal or if there is a natural cause. We never downplay our client's claims. We listen and take each case seriously. We are determined to find answers for our client no matter how much time is involved in the case. We never charge a fee for any investigation. We do accept donations. They are voluntary but not necessary. 

If you are experiencing anything unexplained, feel free to give us a call. We are here to ease your fears.