Our Mission

Kentuckiana Paranormal Investigations Society (KAPIS) set out to help clients experiencing unexplained events happening in their homes or business. We investigate, educate and provide comfort when possible to each client we serve.

Each of our members have experienced unexxplained events and understand how frightening the events can be. Our group strives to help clients understand why the events are happening and how to deal with the situation. We continue to work with the client until we have positive answers for them. We never leave a client with unanswered questions.

Our group uses scientific equipment to determine if the events are actually paranormal or of natural causes. If the events are determined to be paranormal, we work with the client to find resources for house cleansings or blessings. We ourselves, cannot gaurantee we can remove paranormal events entirely. We can make suggestions and help find resources.

We currently investigate the Louisville, KY and southern Indiana areas. We hope to expand our area in the near future. We never charge a fee for any investigation. Donations are accepted, but not necessary. Whether you have serious unexplained events or just curious about your home or business, feel free to contact us for an investigation.